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Joey's GM app

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Joey's GM app Empty Joey's GM app

Post by joey1592 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:28 pm

In-Game Name: Joey

Name: Joey

Age: 17

Location/Timezone: Jacksonville FL

Describe yourself (personality wise): im very laid back, easy to get along with,nice and generous, and willing to go the extra mile to get something..

Email (If any)

MSN (If any)

How active are you in game? in forums?:game, hours each day, forums jus started tongiht

How long have you been with InFamous Story?:1-2 weeks

What do you think you can contribute to this server?:i know alot about MS and i feel as if i can help people without messing up and i can hold a pretty good event

Why are you applying for GM?:I was A gm before and it was a very interesting experience

Have you had any previous GM experience? Where and for how long?: I was a GM on UkabMS for a month then ukab shut down the server

What is your method for hunting for hackers? Search all the tele maps while in hide then randomly search other maps

how often do you think you should hunt for hackers?: once a week

How would you handle a hacker?:Warning, jail, then if they keep it up ask an experienced GM on what to do

If 2 people are arguing over SMEGA how would you handle it?:First try to solve the problem and if that doesnt work warn them if they dont stop they will go to jail, if they are jailed and keep it up i would ask an experienced GM on what to do

If a player were to call you a "fail GM" how would you respond to that? or how would you retaliate?: I would say well thats your opinion and i respect that, there is no point in retaliating over someones opinion because everyone can think what they want

as a GM what do you feel is more important for YOURSELF? Having fun or Keeping the server organized and clean?: A little bit of both, but you can keep the server organized and clean while having fun

Why should we choose you?:
Im a very laid back person and i can take alot without exploding or over reacting and im actually very nice and i can have fun while not messing anything up, im also quite active and helpful when i can be
Why shouldn't we choose you?:
i suffer from mild depression and it tends to show at times
Extra info you feel is necessary:


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