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Post by CaptainRocco on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:58 pm

Magicians-Spell Casters

What are magicians? Are they deft, swift creatures who sneak from place to place? Arrow-pulling creatures with an incredible amount of accuracy and skill? Creatures blessed with strength and talent?

Magicians-enemies for all monsters, elemental and holy attacks, spell casters. A class like no other...

For those who love magic, this is the perfect job for you. Bear in mind though, this class is extremely common and you might find it a struggle trying to pull through the higher levels.

Joining the class

Min.Requirement: Lvl 8, 20 INT

Upon reaching level 7, leave Maple Island and proceed to Victoria Island for a sum of 150 mesos. At Lith Harbour, find an NPC named Olaf. Finish A Lesson On Job Advancement and The Path of Magician. Go to Ellinia afterwards.

Climb to the top of Ellinia (be careful,it is easy to slip and start all over) and enter a little hut.Inside you would find Grendel the really old.Click on him,finish The Path of Magician, and you should level up. Click on him again, agree to being a magician, and congratulations! You are now going to embark on the quest to become a top-class mage.

AP-Ability Points

There are basically two catergories of magicians:Pure Int and Normal Int.

Pure Int Mages:

- Put all of their AP into INT, focusing on getting intelligence alone and leaving LUK to a small number.

- Stronger than normal int.

- How successful a pure int mage can be depends on the trainer's experience. Not easy to perfect.

- Not recommended for beginners to Maplestory. Try creating one only after you're confident you have enough experience.

- Less money spent on eq (Note: Some choose to buy scrolls to make up for the lack of INT.)

Normal Int Mages:

- Follow the usual system of 4 INT 1 LUK per level up

- Not so strong compared to Pure Int Mages

- More equipement changes; flexible to choices

- Easier to train, best for beginners to Maplestory

- More money spent on eq

SP-Skill Points

Add 1 SP into energy bolt first,then max the passive skills:Improving MP Recovery and increase.This helps in your mp increase at each lvl up.Magic Claw comes next,and last of all Magic Guard.

Training Spots

Lvl 8-11:Stay at slimes and stumps in Ellinia;complete all the magician trainings in return for pots and scrolls.

Lvl 12-15:Henesys Hunting Ground 1 has a great spawn careful of higher-levelled players,though.Slimes provide the best exp for now.

Lvl 15-20:Orange mushrooms.

Lvl 21-30:Kerning Party Quest(KPQ)give good rewards such as scrolls and earrings.You may want to hunt green mushrooms for occassional pan lids.

2nd job

There are three classes to choose from:

Ice/Lightning Wizard
Fire/Poison Wizard

Ice/Lightning Wizards can freeze mobs with Cold Beam,and attack up to 6 monsters using Thunderbolt.

Fire/Poison Wizards kill monsters using Fire Arrow.

Clerics,popular in party quests,have the most useful skill of all-healing.


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