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IMPORTANT: Please read about the incident about "OhhAndyT (me) and Dalena"

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IMPORTANT: Please read about the incident about "OhhAndyT (me) and Dalena" Empty IMPORTANT: Please read about the incident about "OhhAndyT (me) and Dalena"

Post by OhhAndyT on Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:59 am

As some of you GMs know about what me and Dalena was doing on Thursday 11:30 Jul 23- Friday 1:20 Jul 24 on EST. This is important for everyone to read especially Randy. And before you read, Randy I have nothing againist you.

As you see we was constantly spamming smega over the server. And seeing constant of the same response of GMs and players. As most of you GMs and players, you need to get a real fucking girlfrend. And no, Maplestory gf does not count. You guys would talk s**t to us, it's easy for you guys to talk s**t behind that computer. And behind that computer is a fucking fatass man, not fucking life, playing as a girl character, uglyass, smelly hyguiene, peace of s**t. You guys are pathetic. Don't be saying I'm pathetic becuase I'm better than most, actually all of you guys. All you guys are fucking immature and a bunch of 9-13 year olds running riot around the damn server.

I bet if one of the questions had asked to post a picture of yourself, you all would be so fucking scared to post your scary ass picture. GM application is all based on popularity. And all of the GMs that are hired are immature, can't code for s**t, and has no fucking life. This way to make a GM is so innacurate it makes me want to give a virus to the summiters. L1nk's Gm application was so horriable, I mean what the f**k, common Randy!

As I was saying, Dalena and I were only going to play if we was GMs. But since GM application is all based on popularity, we knew we wasn't going to be GMs. So we decided to piss everybody off. And most of the GMs didn't do s**t becuase we owned them. Anything they threw in an attempt to aurge with us, we pwned them, bad. Why? Like I said, most of the GMs are fucking 12 year olds. And you know who you are you fucking basterds.

If I was I.P. banned, I could always change my I.P. and if it wasn't I can always create a new account. So either way you can't get rid of me. But I'm not going to cause the trouble for Randy becuase that is the only person I ACTUALLY respect and Kyou and iHetaila. So all you other haters can piss of and get off my fucking ass.

Randy when you choose an application, choose carefully.
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IMPORTANT: Please read about the incident about "OhhAndyT (me) and Dalena" Empty Re: IMPORTANT: Please read about the incident about "OhhAndyT (me) and Dalena"

Post by xPhailure on Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:51 am

haha funny i never smegad for a GF. i would never do that in fact. i have a girlfriend in real life? plus look at me iinmy pic im skinny not that skinny though and im asian IM NOT A FATASS. if thats about all the GMS ur wrong cause im different i know how to code things. i go look for hackers each day n i help ppl who needs my help .? . AND IM NOT SCARED TO POST THIS PIC ... i had it since yesterday lol i just put it on yesterday so yea ;P.


PS. srry if ur not talking about me lol

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