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Shanes GM Application.

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Shanes GM Application. Empty Shanes GM Application.

Post by jtbelanger on Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:28 pm

In-Game Name: Shane

Name: Shane

Age: 16

Location/Timezone: Canada / GMT

Describe yourself (personality wise): Im pretty chill and understanding. i dont judge people and i like to get to know the people in the game.

Email (If any):

MSN (If any): (above)

How active are you in game? in forums?: in the game i am pretty active. i work a bit but i am online almost everyday. in the forums im online not so much considering i just joined. but i will be on

How long have you been with InFamous Story?: since pinkstory

What do you think you can contribute to this server?: i am a very good GM and i think i could help out with everything that needs to be done like events and things. and catching hackers i am pretty good at that.

Why are you applying for GM?: because i have lots of experiece and i like to be a GM and i oculd help out alot

Have you had any previous GM experience? Where and for how long?: yes i used to be a gm in DmanMS and in a couple other servers.

What is your method for hunting for hackers? i work in a team with another GM and we go in hide and the other person goes on a noob account and talks to him while i take pics of what theyre saying.

how often do you think you should hunt for hackers?:every couple of days.

How would you handle a hacker?: i owuld talk to him and ask him why he is hacking and try and get his side.

If 2 people are arguing over SMEGA how would you handle it?:i would tlak to them both and get them together and try to sort it out.

If a player were to call you a "fail GM" how would you respond to that? or how would you retaliate?: i wouldnt retaliate i would just say. ok and go back to my things.

as a GM what do you feel is more important for YOURSELF? Having fun or Keeping the server organized and clean?:keeping the server organized.

Why should we choose you?: because i am fun and chill and i have good skills.

Why shouldn't we choose you?:i do not believe that you shouldnt choose me. but everyone does have theyre flaws just like i do. i am not on all the time but when i am on i am a great GM

Extra info you feel is necessary:


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