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Bill's GM Application

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Bill's GM Application I_vote_lcap50%Bill's GM Application I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Bill's GM Application Empty Bill's GM Application

Post by Bill on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:13 pm

In-Game Name: Bill

Name: Bill

Age: 15

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada. EST

Description of self: Hey my name is Bill. I live in Toronto Ontario. I am currently in grade 11 (starting september) and i am a decently average kid. I get around 80-85 as an average usualy. I love computers and im pretty good at software and really good in hardware. I had my own server but i shut it down because i got bored of MapleStory but now im dragged back into the game because of my cousins Very Happy. I love sports and i play them whenever i get the chance. I like soccer, Football and Free Running.


MSN: Same thing as email.

How active am i in game? In Forums?: I started about a week ago but i do play atleast once a day. If this application is accepted then i will be on for longer and help with the forum.

How long have i been in InfamousStory?: About 1 week.

Why am i applying for GM?: I owned a server before called LuminouStory and i believe i may be able to help with this server.

Have you had any previous GM Experience? Where and for how long?: As i said before, i owned my own server and i was fully aware of all the commands and what i needed to do.

What is my method for hunting hackers?: My method is to go in hide and stay in the same map as them. Then i will, as soon as its 110% varrified that he is hacking, either call a senior GM to come and make the decision or i will ban the hacker without question.

How often should i hunt for hackers?: Whenever i am on and am monitering or surfing the channels through maps, i will check every character that is one. As soon as i come on and right before i leave always.

How would i handle a hacker: If its a serious hack then i will ban him. If a senior GM gives me the permission to give him a warning, i will do so.

If two people are arguing over SMEGA how would i handle it?: I would first find out what the problem is. Then try and solve it to the best of my ability. If they don't stop fighting, then i will punish them by killing them or if they start to be rude i will temp ban with the permission of a higher ranked GM.

If a player calls me "Fail GM", how would i respond to that? Or how will i retaliate?: Id firstly ask him why he thinks so. If its a mistake i made, then i will try and correct it. If he is just plain rude to me right after that, then i will make him stop by warning him he will get a temp ban.

As a GM what do you feel is more omportant for myself? Having fun or keeping the server organized and clean?: Having fun is a major part of playing. I will ensure that the players have fun while i help with the organization and cleansing of the server.

Why should you choose me?: Because i might be able to help against any wrong that may come towards your server.

Why Shouldnt you choose me?: Im not sure what my mistakes are, but if you will correct me and tell me what they are then perhaps those reasons are why.

Extra info: I dont really have anything extra to say, but i do wish the staff of InFamous Story will choose me. Oh and my main account ign is BZMercenary. I dont want that as a GM cuz i wanna use that to actually play Very Happy.


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